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1. How are prices generally calculated?
2. What is a Workstation (WSTN)?
3. Why do Serviced Office Operators quote on a per person or per Workstation basis?
4. What's included in the price?
5. What other extra costs might there be?
6. Why do prices go up and down?
7. Are prices negotiable?
8. How much space do I need?
9. How do I convert Square Feet (SqFt) to Square Metres (SqMt)?
10. How do I convert Square Metres (SqMt) to Square Feet (SqFt)?
How are prices generally calculated?
You may have already been quoted a price by monthly workstation (WSTN) or by a square footage (SqFt) price. Workstation prices are quoted so you can approximately work out how much the office may be if you don't know how much actual space you need:
Note 1: As a general guide we use 70 Sq Ft per person. However, you may need more or less than this depending on how your company works and the budget you have.
What is a Workstation (WSTN)?
A typical Workstation setup will be a table, chair, pedestal and cabinet space in about 70 SqFt of office space. They'll be enough power points for PCs, printers, Internet and telephone access. The workstation setup can also include telephone, internet access (Broadband), light and stationery but these items will vary from operator to operator.
Why do Serviced Office Operators quote on a per person or per Workstation basis?
Generally speaking within the commercial property market, agents/landlords will normally quote on a SqFt (Square Foot) or SqMt (Square Metre) price, this is a simple quote as it only takes into consideration the rent of the office space (on top of this will be rates and service charges). The costs to fit out and run the office space will not be taken into consideration.
To give an accurate Square Foot (SqFt) or Square Metre (SqMt) price for serviced office space is more complicated as there are variables included in the monthly/yearly cost e.g. rent, rates, service charges, utilities, furniture, IT, cleaning etc and also, costs which are difficult to appropriate on a Square Foot (SqFt) or Square Metre (SqMt) basis, for example:
1. Pooled receptionist
2. Shared reception area
3. Onsite facilities management team
4. Shared meeting rooms
5. Shared kitchen/toilets etc
Therefore due to these variable costs, serviced office operators like to quote on a per person or per workstation basis as this can sometimes give a more accurate indication of the total cost for the office and also gives a simple calculation for the office space.
What's included in the Price?
At Affinity Point we include the rent, rates, service charges, furniture, and utilities in our monthly Licence fee. Also included are reception services, telephone and IT systems. Cleaning of communal areas and maintenance of your office and the building in general will also be included. Be careful to check what is included. At Affinity Point our policy is one of openness and transparency – not all operators work like this check carefully what is covered by the Licence fee.
What other extra costs might there be?
Most Operators offer meeting rooms to hire on an hourly/daily basis, these are charged on a pay as you go basis. There are other services such as photocopying, secretarial services, IT support etc which will be charged on a per usage basis. At Affinity Point we have a set tariff for any additional services that you may require. Our pricing is competitive and open; our income is derived from the letting of space and not from inflated additional services. We understand that costs are important and need to be controlled which is why at Affinity Point you will always know our rates are competitive. This is not the case with all operators, when comparing providers check the rates for any additional service you may require.
Why do prices go up and down?
The serviced office market is fast moving in all respects. The sector is the fastest growing part of the property market with new serviced offices and operators opening every month. The space within the building is continually changing as tenants often utilise the space for short to medium terms (3 months - 3 years). These factors lead to prices continually changing; for example a new building with no tenants will often offer much more competitive rates than a building with only 1 office to market.
Are Prices negotiable?
Prices are always negotiable to a certain degree. Like any economies of scale, the more space you take and the longer you commit for the cheaper it will be.
How much space do I need?
When taking a serviced office solution you'll need a lot less space than if you were taking out a conventional lease. The reason is you only need to calculate the actual space you're going to work in (Net Space) rather than the Gross Space for a conventional lease where you need to calculate the space you'll work in, along with space for reception areas, walkways, dead areas, meeting rooms, toilets, kitchens etc. As a general rule you'll tend to need double the amount of space for a conventional lease over a serviced office.
How do I convert Square Feet (SqFt) to Square Metres (SqMt)?

1 square feet = 0.09 square metres
1000 square feet x 0.09 = 90 square metres
How do I convert Square Metres to Square Feet?

1 square metre = 10.8 square feet
100 square metres x 10.08 = 1080 square feet